Krysten Ritter: Actress, Musician, Author, Model, Mother

We had the honor of interviewing Krysten Ritter — a multi-talented mama, author (check out her novel, Bonfire, it's an amazing summer read!), model, producer, musician, and actress. She recently starred in the Marvel series "Jessica Jones," which just launched its third and final season last Friday. 

She gave us the down low on her current pregnancy and shares some amazing insight for mamas to be! 


What are some elements of your self-care routine? 

My current end of pregnancy self-care includes a lot of essential oil and epsom salt baths, massages, and resting.  


What are your thoughts on trying to find “balance” as a mama? 

I’m not sure yet!  I am so looking forward to meeting my baby and devoting time to bonding and having this incredible experience. I’m a pretty hardcore person and I throw myself into whatever I’m doing - which is and has always been a variety of things.  I’m not sure balance has ever been something I think too much about and I approach my life in a different way. But keeping that “variety” in my life will for sure be a priority. 


Not long before becoming pregnant, you embarked on a new career challenge -- directing! How do you think becoming a mother will affect your career?

I put off starting a family because I’ve been a totally tunnel visioned career girl, but I got to a place where I felt ready to be less selfish and ready for my life to evolve and ready to find deeper meaning even in my work. I have so many amazing women in my life who all have said their careers got even better in ways after having children. 


What has pregnancy been like for you? What things have you been doing to care for yourself and your brewing baby?

Pregnancy has been so crazy and amazing and mind blowing and challenging all at once. I guess I haven’t been around a lot of pregnant women and I really had no idea what to expect beyond getting that positive test. Feeling my active little baby kick and roll has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I certainly have had an easier pregnancy than a lot of women I know.  I rest when I’m tired, listen to my body, and I don’t push myself.  


What’s your favorite Twenty-Five Eight meal and pantry item? 

I absolutely love the soups. All of the ones I’ve tried have been so good and I’m always so thrilled to see them in the fridge waiting for me. Especially when I’m tired and just don’t even want to think about making something. Having the soups on hand is a lifesaver and they are all so healthy and taste so good. 


Who is someone you look up to as a mother as you are about to embark on this new role yourself? 

My best friend of almost 20 years has a baby who will be only 6 months older than mine so she’s someone I lean on pretty heavily and ask every question you can think of all day long every day - but I also have a bunch of girlfriends, all with very different styles of parenting, that I can pull ideas from. Carrie Anne Moss is also someone I really rely on for information and support. She was the first person I called on FaceTime when I found out I was pregnant and she’s just been the biggest source of support and positivity I could ask for.  


What sort of plans have you made for postnatal care? How do you envision your fourth trimester?

I hope to be able to really take the time to bond with my baby and eliminate the outside world. Not a lot of visitors and have the three of us get into a groove as a family. 


What are your strongest pregnancy cravings?

I’ve been loving oranges, mangos, raspberries and really just lots and lots of fruit. Everything is so beautifully in season right now and yummy. 


Any helpful books/coaches/practices that helped you through your pregnancy?

We took the childbirth and baby basics classes at Bini birth in LA and I’m so glad we did.  We also did baby CPR at The Pump Station. Taking these classes are obviously very educational and helped to give both myself and my partner tools and confidence.  It was also a fun bonding experience for us as a couple. Right now I’m reading The Fourth Trimester and loving it. 


When I’m nourishing myself, my favorite meal to make is…

Lately I’ve been getting a CSA box and making my own veggie juice and making a big green chili stew with the fresh veggies that come. It’s felt like a luxurious thing to do for us and the baby.  I just modify a New Mexico Green Chili recipe that I got from a girlfriend and it’s so good and lasts the week. 


Thank you, Krysten for allowing us to interview you, and for sharing some amazing advice for mamas everywhere! As your village, we are all holding space for you during your transition from maiden to mother. Sending you so much love and light on your journey!

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