#nourishedwoman of the month: Shauna Reiter

We would like to honor and highlight Shauna Reiter, a long time twenty-five eight mama, as our March #nourishedwoman of the month!

Shauna is a preschool teacher turned full-time songwriter and vocalist, and mama to two gorgeous babies Maximilian and Maya. In addition to her full-time job, she founded her supplement company Alaya Naturals out of a deep need for high-quality sourced supplements that support her vitality. We love Shauna for many reasons, one of them being her amazing vegan recipe shares that help us better serve our plant-based community!

We asked Shauna some questions below, and we know you'll learn a lot from her thoughtful responses. Enjoy!


Name: Shauna Brittenham

Profession: Owner of Alaya Naturals

Instagram: @alaya.naturals

Website: www.alayanaturals.com


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family!

A: Adventure and exploration rule our family. Whether on a mountain or in the sea, we are always looking for new ways to view the world. My son, Maximilian, is five and my daughter, Maya Luna, is three, so right now our greatest adventure is exploring their endless imaginations. 


Q: What was your dream job as a kid and why?

A: I always wanted to be a singer and a teacher. As a child, I lined up my dolls and stuffed animals and alternated between singing to them (using a hairbrush as a microphone) and teaching them. Communication and storytelling are my greatest loves and I was and still am always looking for ways to relay messages in creative ways. 


Q: What were you doing before your baby and how has your life/career changed since?

A: I taught preschool in my early twenties before becoming a full-time songwriter and vocalist. After my son was born, I was looking for ways to stay at home for a period of time but still exercise my creativity so I began writing books and founded my nutrition company, Alaya Naturals. My desire to express myself through song is relentless so I am finding ways to honor my soul while still nourishing my little ones with attention and presence. 

Q: What practices do you live by today that you wish more women would incorporate into their daily lives?

A: Slow down. I really try to pay attention to the signals and cues of my body and heart so that the thoughts I’m thinking, the words I’m speaking and the way I’m choosing to spend my time are in alignment with what makes me feel most alive. As a mother of small children, I try not to value “important” events over seemingly mundane ones. Time is precious so my perspective is that washing the dishes can be just as valuable as recording music in the studio or formulating a new product in the lab. I use seemingly mundane tasks like dishwashing and folding laundry to check in with myself, create new song lyrics, listen to podcasts and masterclasses or absorb inspiring music. By valuing each moment and every task equally, I never feel like I’m wasting time. 


Q: What’s your favorite Twenty Five Eight meal and pantry item?

A: This is obviously an impossible question because I am addicted to absolutely everything but I have yet to taste a bone broth that is remotely comparable to Twenty Five Eight’s.  As a pescatarian, I find the bone broth to be an excellent source of protein and a wonderful supplement to the collagen powder I have created and sell with Alaya Naturals. I use it as a base for stews and soups and just sip on a hot cup of it when I’m feeling like I need a recharge or am fighting a cold. 

I am also always thrilled when veggie burgers or pancakes are featured on the menu because I love good old-fashioned comfort food!

Q: What woman inspires you and why?

A: I’m a lover of all women who are authentic and not afraid of transparency. Fiona Apple does an incredible job of relaying her vulnerability and humanity in her music and Oprah Winfrey has similarly created space for people to be imperfect and valued not in spite of but because of it. There is an expectation of perfection for females in our society that can make being human crazy making so I appreciate anyone who takes the veil off and says, “This is hard. I’m messy. Let’s not judge each other please.”


Q: What must-have items do you think all women need?

A: Love this question. First, audible.com. I don’t have tons of time to read but feel my adult brain return to me when I listen to books on tape. A comfortable pillow to sleep on is a must and for me, a plethora of candles to match different moods. I am deeply affected by smell so am always burning something to bring me home or take me away depending on what the moment requires. Also, a wife, but that’s not really an item. I love my husband but he can’t help being a man.

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