Nousha Salimi: Facial Rejuvenation Artist

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the glowiest mama of them all?

Nousha Salimi is a mama to not one but TWO tiny humans and founder of her brand, Rejuvenate with Nousha. She is a talented facial rejuvenation artist helping her clients to find the balance from within to allow their outer beauty to shine. Nousha incorporates natural and holistic modalities into her practice, including reiki facials and facial cupping. She is a glow goddess, mama, and magician all rolled into one beautiful human.

In addition to the magic in her hands, she also has a generous and passionate spirit. Not long after having her second child, her and her husband set off to make their second film together. The film, entitled A MILLION EYES, stars Katie Lowes and Emmy Award-winning actor, Joe Morton and shows the positive impact and healing power that arts education has on the youth.

Check out her interview below!


Who or what is your greatest source of inspiration?

Oprah, that woman inspires me. Supersoul convos are always so great. Women, in general, inspire me, especially after having my second I’m truly in awe of women and their superpowers.


What are some elements of your self-care routine? 

Taking a bath with Epson salt, and with a face mask minimally 2 x a week is essential for my self-care.  


What are your thoughts on trying to find “balance” as a mama? 

I think once having 2 babies it takes a lot of self-motivation and awareness to find balance because it’s not easy. If you make it a priority to give energy to those you need to and balance it out with your own needs you're on the right path. 


What’s your favorite Twenty-Five Eight meal and pantry item?  

The menu is constantly changing which I love but I’ve enjoyed any of egg prepped meals and the soups. So nourishing and fulfilling.

I loved my Tahani chocolate Carmel’s, I actually couldn’t get enough of them!!! They totally helped my sweet cravings when I’m exhausted and craving sugar. Also the black mylk, so so yummy.


What must have items do you think new moms need to have?

A postpartum doula- I wish insurance covered it for women. 


Can you share your tips and tricks to naturally feel and look energized as a new mama?

I use kora Organics turmeric mask 1-2 weekly and it totally re-energizes and de-puffs tired mama skin! Also listening to the insight timer app - it has great meditations that allow me to relax and tune into myself. 


Is there anything you eat and drink regularly that help you to find that glow again?

Bone broth - it gives me strength and totally makes the skin more glowy from all the collagen benefits in good quality organic bone broth. 


Being the passionate person you are, are there any causes that are near and dear to your heart?

Our new film A MILLION EYES will give my husband and I a platform to talk about the importance of arts programs in schools. They’re the first things to get cut when the money is tight — but they’re actually the most critical element of a child’s education. 80% of American schools overall have no art or music teachers, due almost entirely to recent budget cuts. That’s unacceptable. And arts programs are the first to go because their impact is not measured by standardized tests. The positive impact of arts is self-evident to so many artists I know and in many respects, adolescent arts students achieve significantly more positive developmental outcomes than those who are not exposed to the arts.

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