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meal delivery for mothers

The birth of my son and my business occurred simultaneously.

A few years after meeting my husband Dan at a Tony Robbins event we conceived our son Aydan. Pregnancy was the greatest gift, but also the greatest challenge that I ever experienced -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. For the first four months, I was so sick that I couldn’t tolerate the smell of a heated pan on the stove. It was like I could smell every meal that was ever cooked on that pan – no matter how clean it was to begin with. I knew that I needed nourishing foods to nurture and grow the miracle inside of me, but no current meal companies or restaurants met my almost impossible standards. I viewed “eating for two” with regards to quality, not quantity. I only wanted the best for myself and my son.

Twenty-Five Eight is the gift I can now offer all mamas throughout their motherhood journey: before, during, and long after baby. This business is my way of taking care of a community of women. From my experience, these nourishing meals are what made me feel whole again. In my months of struggling with breastfeeding coupled with sleepless nights, nourishment was what I looked forward to the most. With each bite of intentionally made meals, I slowly began to feel restored. I gained a whole new appreciation for what my body is capable of achieving when it is fueled with whole, unadulterated foods.

My aim is to empower every woman to intuitively trust what her body guides her to eat. It is our job to focus on the how. We never criminalize entire food groups, but we will always use the most pure and unprocessed version of each ingredient. We limit the places, processes, and packages to an absolute minimum to ensure that our meals only include the most vitality-rich ingredients.

Being a mother is a full-time job. The meals we make are symbolic for the support, love, and understanding we so desperately need while navigating on this incredible journey. Without nourishment, we cannot sustain the long nights and endless days of nurturing our beautiful children.

Erica Mock