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Superfood Millionaire Bites + Sun Potion Chlorella Powder

Superfood Millionaire Bites + Sun Potion Chlorella Powder


Dates are the base of these chewy decadent treats, and we added cashew butter for a creamy richness and a tiny tablespoon of the finest organic cold brew coffee in town -- all swirled together for the best dessert you never had. Put these amazing little bites of heaven in the freezer for an ice-cream-like treat any time of day.

Upgraded recipe includes Sun Potion chlorella powder: sustainably sourced, organic, and with cracked cell wall for increased absorption. This amazing single-celled algae is known as one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world.*

*Always consult with your physician before ingesting if you're pregnant or nursing, mama.


  • Sun Potion Chlorella Powder*
  • cashews*
  • coconut oil*
  • shredded coconut*
  • coconut flour*
  • medjool dates*
  • chia*
  • cold brew coffee*
  • coconut milk*
  • vanilla*
  • maple syrup*
  • cacao powder*
  • cinnamon*


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