beauty food: detox basics
beauty food: detox basics
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beauty food: detox basics

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What you'll receive:

  • Three 32 oz. Jars of Our Signature Scratch-Made Broth (Bone + Vegan):
    • We use ONLY 100% pasture-raised animals, these animals were never substituted grain, never given antibiotics, and always given the space to roam freely on grass.
    • Bone broth contains the amino acid glycine which is known to help gently detoxify the liver.
    • Our vegan broth offers a diverse mineral profile loaded with iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc from mushrooms. We also use sea vegetables for iodine content which is essential for thyroid health.
    • Amino acids are the building blocks for hormone production, so incorporating bone broth intake can assist your body's production and balance of hormones.
    • Everything we make is from scratch, fresh for you mama!
  • One 16 oz. Bottle of Organic Beet Kvass:
    • What is Beet Kvass?
      • It is a fermented drink made from organic beets, spring water, and salt.
      • It is an ancient elixir touted for its gentle detoxifying properties, especially useful for preconception (before getting pregnant) to help the liver eliminate toxins.
      • Very high in manganese which is a vital mineral for the health of your bones, liver, pancreas, and kidneys.
      • High in folate, which is an essential vitamin in most prenatal vitamins and responsible for reducing the risk of birth defects.
    • Start with 2 oz. - 3 oz. per day.
    • ALWAYS consult with your physician before incorporating any particular foods if you're pregnant or nursing.
  • One loaf of our flourless Vegan Life-Altering Seed Bread:
    • This isn't your typical bread:
      • Bound by psyllium, this ultra fibrous bread can help bind with gunk in your gut and move in through your intestines (and OUT of your body)!
      • Fresh ground flax also provides a great fiber source to sweep out your insides.
      • Loaded with nuts and seeds, this bread is a great source of plant-based protein and will keep you feeling full.
      • AMAZING for avo toast or even slathered with ghee or jam, this will be your new favorite bread.

Ingredients List:

    Grass-Finished Beef Bone Broth

    • Assorted Grass-Finished Beef Bones
    • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Organic Onion
    • Organic Celery
    • Organic Carrots
    • Organic Seasoning Blend
    • Spring Water

    Pasture-Raised Chicken Bone Broth

    Vegan Magic Mineral Broth

    • Organic Onion
    • Organic Parsnips
    • Organic Carrots
    • Organic Celery
    • Organic Mushrooms
    • Organic Garlic Cloves
    • Organic Thyme
    • Organic Rosemary
    • Organic Bay Leaves
    • Organic Kombu
    • Organic Black Peppercorns
    • Organic Juniper Berries
    • Spring Water

    Beet Kvass

    • Organic Beets
    • Spring Water
    • Sea Salt

    Vegan Life-Altering Seed Bread

    • Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds
    • Organic Black Sesame Seeds
    • Organic Fresh Ground Flax Seeds
    • Organic Almonds
    • Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats
    • Organic Chia Seeds
    • Organic Psyllium Husks
    • Pink Salt
    • Organic Maple Syrup
    • Flax Eggs (Fresh Ground Organic Flax + Spring Water)
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Spring Water